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"Nine Lives of a Marriage
     - a curious journey"

An excerpt from the book:
Atlanta, Georgia - 2004

     The moment the door opened and she stepped in, tension ricocheted around the nursing home room faster than bullets from a German Luger.

     George apparently felt it too.
     “Eva? What is it? Are you still here?” he asked.
“I'm here,” I replied, trying not to reveal my inner turmoil. “So is your other regular visitor.” I stared at the door, taken aback by the woman standing before me.
     In my mind’s eye, she was still that voluptuous bombshell who had looked at him adoringly long ago and purred, “Oh, George. You say the most fascinating things.” But the woman who had once oozed sexuality and commanded attention in a crowded room had lost her appeal. Oh, I could see remnants of the old Sadie. Her hair was newly coiffed and her makeup was perfection. She was standing too far away, but I assumed her nails were freshly painted. Today, she wouldn’t catch a passing glance from a man on the prowl – much less George, who had a discerning eye. Did he imagine her as a young woman? Or the way she looked the last time he actually saw her before the fall that blinded him?
     For once, the brilliant man who had charmed countless women with his flattery, talked his way out of three Hungarian forced labor camps, a man who spoke six languages -- was speechless.
     “I'm so, so sorry. So sorry,” she stammered. “I must be early, I'll come back later.”
  George turned his head in the direction of our voices and his face lit up. He flashed that famous grin that had charmed women throughout his 81 years. “Stay,” he said. “Both of you. Please.”
     I felt a combination of amazement and fury. After all the decades of acrimony, how could George ask me to share his hospital room with Sadie, the woman who had been the third person in my marriage for 45 years?


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