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Nine Lives of a Marriage has been selected to be read by the Georgia Reading Service for people who are visually impaired

Since Eva has macular degeneration, we were extremely pleased with this honor. It will be read on the radio for a second time in April (date TBA). For additional information about archived books, eligibility, etc., contact: http://www.garrs.net/.

Writer's Digest

"Your use of language is downright elegant, and you have an unceasing eye for the telling detail. You also have a talent for writing real-life dialogue that sounds real (you'd be surprised how rare this is).

This is truly a remarkable memoir. You have certainly pace a lot into a single life. Your descriptions of the inner conflicts you experienced while these adventures were going on adds an excellent depth to the stories. You have an ability to describe things that are very close to you in an objective fashion, which is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do."
--Judge, Writers Digest

Interview with Eva Friedlander

WJUL radio interview. Click to Listen (.mp3)

Eva Friedlander Appointed Speaker at the Breman Heritage & Holocaust Museum

Interview with Eva


Small Press Bookwatch
Book Review

The Jewish Georgian

Driving Miss Eva


Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 90th Birthday by publishing her first book

Legends of Green Isle

Simmering Under the Ashes: A meeting with Eva Friedlander - Holocaust Survivor

Buffalo At Home.com

Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 90th Birthday By Writing Book

Twifties.com Review

A book review by Lauren Traub Teton

Acceptance into the Spielberg Library

Notice accepting the book

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Memoir brings spotlight late in life
by H.M. Cauley

The Forum Network - video of Nine Lives of a Marriage public speaking event

The Forum Network - video of Nine Lives of a Marriage public speaking event
Video: A glimpse into the life of Eva Friedlander -- a  video production by Adam Olansky.
Youtube video of Nine Lives of a Marriage

A Loyal Wife

By Laura Braddick, Northside Neighbor

Friedlander's journey full of stories needing to be told

By John McCurdy, Atlanta Jewish Times

Duana Welch
Love Science: http://www.lovesciencemedia.com/

I appreciate Eva having shared her story in her book. I finished reading it last night and can see why this history is so valuable. I have so many reactions.

--It was enlightening and very welcome to have a Holocaust survival story that was from the point of view of someone who remained successfully hidden throughout, and who didn't stop telling her story at the point of 'liberation'. Most of the stories I've had access to just seem to dry up with the end of the war...but the few others I've heard show it was almost as hard in many ways after as it had been during. Eva's story and George's, too, captured that and gave voice to that important element. I am so glad they survived.

--I admire Eva's honesty and forthrightness in telling about her marriage. I doubt I could be so open, but I am not yet 80, so perhaps there is hope . I felt a real connection with the good as well as the bad about all the people involved and the union itself...I would think it would be difficult to be so even-handed about it all.

--Eva's struggle to explain her possible role in George's infidelity and abuse pained my heart. Her ideas were understandable, but I found myself wanting to say: No matter what you did, George was probably going to have affairs. He fit the profile perfectly (I've written articles about it), but Eva probably didn't know at the time what that profile was. Men who abuse women also do so regardless of the woman's behavior. I feel compassion for where George was coming from, with the traumas he endured as a young man in the Holocaust and thereafter. I also think the narcissism and charm George employed helped him to survive. But none of that negates the harm to Eva or their kids, and it doesn't make Eva wrong in any way.

Review of "Nine Lives of a Marriage"

By Colleen Kelly Mellor (author of “Encouragement in a Difficult World:  Biddy Bytes Blog”)

I asked myself:  “What would I ever have in common with a woman who allowed her husband’s adulterous affair for 45 years?” But, as I read Nine Lives of a Marriage—a Curious Journey, by Eva Friedlander and Mickey Goodman, I understood Eva Friedlander’s life journey:  “Yes, she and her mother escaped the terrors of the Nazis in Hungary, but they both suffered imprisonment of another type—a lessening of self, via men in their lives who diminished them.  That I understand—all too well.

For, it is my story, too.

I was raised in a household that inflated the value of men, while it devalued women.  This fact created fertile ground for my marriage to two abusive men. I stayed with the first for two terrible years (but we had a child together), while the second cost me eight years, a time I now liken to “sleepwalking through life.” I had learned to anesthetize myself to any and all expectation. The only positive of that union was my second child.

In the end, both marriages cause me to lose productive years, either enduring or recovering.  But they also lent me new perspective, for I know today that things I once thought simple (like the Friedlander marriage) are anything but.   I would have judged this woman harshly before; I now know she and I are “sisters” whose life journeys are remarkably similar.

Carolyn Gold reviews "Nine Lives of a Marriage -- A Curious Journey" for the Jewish Georgian.


Editor Marcy Levinson reviews "Nine Lives of a Marriage -- A Curious Journey" on Atlanta Jewish News

View article  pdf

Author Profile Interview: Mickey Goodman on her new book

Atlanta Jewish News
View article  pdf

Praise For Nine Lives of a Marriage
-- A Curious Journey

Nine Lives of a Marriage- A Curious Journey, by Mickey Goodman is a firsthand look into the world of a Holocaust survivor and how that event affects the remainder of one’s life. More than a memoir of Eva Friedlander, Nine Lives is an eye opening account of two Holocaust survivors and their romance, their journey to America, their marriage, their professional lives, and the effect all of it has on both them and their family.

Eva just celebrated her 91st birthday the week our book club met her and she is very enchanting with a gorgeous smile, a busy life, and a willingness to answer all questions she is asked about her life. Eva is definitely a survivor. Nine Lives of A Marriage is a must-read for all!
Ann McCormack
Revere LP Book Club

"Your use of language is downright elegant, and you have an unceasing eye for the telling detail. You also have a talent for writing real-life dialogue that sounds real. This is a truly remarkable memoir. You have certainly packed a lot into a single life! Your descriptions of the inner conflicts you experienced while those adventures were going on adds an excellent depth to the stories. You have an ability to describe things that are very close to you in an objective fashion, which is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do."

Writer's Digest

"I read your book and I must tell you, I couldn't put it down. I had other things to do but they slid while I kept picking it up to read more. You did an amazing job!!"
Gail Vail
Greensboro, GA

"I want to let you know that my mom just finished reading your book. She said it was the best, most interesting and powerful (her words) book she has read in a long time. I agree!"
-- Susan Cartwright
Between, GA

"’Nine Lives of a Marriage,’” written by a Holocaust survivor, is one of the most important books of the day. This story is different from every other survivor story that has been written. Readers will be consumed by Eva and George’s story of love and tears. So many women struggle today with the silence of infidelity. Eva’s strength and persistence will serve as a role model for others. We will use this book in our congregation for book clubs and potentially even support groups."
--Rabbi Peter S. Berg
Senior Rabbi, The Temple
Atlanta, GA

"Most marriages are unlikely to survive long term infidelity but when they do, it is because the couple is engaged in discussion, catharsis, negotiations, and ultimately resolution. Understanding how the Friedlanders resolve such complicated issues will no doubt provide valuable insights not only to women but to the therapists and clinicians working with individuals and couples facing similar challenges. This book fills a much needed niche in the literature on infidelity."

--Linda Ligenza, ACSW
Bethesda, MD

"Women like Eva Friedlander who are confronted with infidelity in a relationship experience intense emotional pain, shame, loss of self-esteem---and for many who have already suffered trauma like the horrors of war, intense fear and a rekindling of mistrust. Mending a marriage takes work from both partners and learning how to rebuild individually and as a couple for a stronger bond. Goodman takes her readers on this journey as Eva and George declare a truce and rekindle their friendship at the end of his life."

--Risa S. Fox, M.S., L.C.S.W.
Public Health Advisor
Center for Mental Health Services
Rockville, MD

"George and Eva Friedlander's story begins in war-torn Hungary during the height of the Holocaust. Her strength, survival skills and ability to think one step ahead of the enemy kept her alive during the German invasion. His brilliant mind and tenacious will to live enabled him to escape from three forced labor camps.
These two strong individuals fell in love and forged new lives, first in Italy and then in America. But the seeds of mistrust that had helped save their lives seeped into their marriage and nearly destroyed it. Their unique experiences surviving war and infidelity add a unique chapter to the Jewish experience."

--Ruth Einstein
Special Projects Coordinator
Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum.
Atlanta, GA

"After reading the first chapter, I was hooked on finding out how the Friedlander's marriage endured for so long in the face of infidelity. Mickey Goodman is a wonderful storyteller and reporter whose words bring life to an intriguing story."

--Irene S. Levine, PhD
Journalist & Author
“Best Friends Forever:
Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend”
Professor of Psychiatry,
NYU School of Medicine
Chappaqua, NY

"Mickey Goodman’s gift is to make her subjects easy to visualize. In just one chapter, she makes George and Eva vivid, like people I know -- like family. The first chapter leads me also to suspect there are surprises in store.
George is flawed, yes, but Mickey makes him attractive to read about….He survived by miracles. I want to know if, during George’s final days and afterwards, something close to a miracle will bring the two women in his orbit close to one another."

--William A. Back
Attorney, Editor and Management Consultant
Atlanta, GA

The story of Eva and George Friedlander is one that must be told. For forty years, the Friedlanders were our… neighbors. We knew they were from Hungary, had been there during World War II, were Jews, and probably had experienced unimaginable wartime indignities. But we never asked questions.
It wasn't until later years that I learned from Eva what a remarkable story she had lived throughout most of her life …. I'm an avid reader, but I've never come across a story like hers. Thank goodness she decided to put it to paper. Stunning as some of her revelations may be, it's all true and honestly told. It's a story that calls for print.

--Mary Ann Lyon
Atlanta, GA

"Mickey Goodman's memoir of Eva and George Friedlander is a must-read for women facing infidelity. It demonstrates how marriages evolve and can surmount even the most difficult times. Eva's survival as a Hungarian Jew during World War II and her ability to emerge from George's shadow is a testament to her strength."

--Margie Goldsmith
Award Winning Writer
Blogger: Huffington Post
New York, NY

"In Nine Lives of a Marriage –A Curious Journey," Mickey Goodman’s portrayal of the Friedlanders’ marriage gives a glimpse into the havoc and loss created by infidelity while showing how two Holocaust survivors survived one another’s betrayal in a marriage of love and—ultimately—commitment. While both an interesting and beautiful story, the book would also serve as a guide and inspiration to women and men dealing with the hurt of infidelity in their own lives."

--Kelly Watton
Travel Writer
“Lonely Planet" and "Travelers' Tales"
Roswell, GA

"Eva Friedlander's life story has all the ingredients for a best seller -- survival though the horrors of the Holocaust and the other woman who invaded Eva's 55-year marriage for 45 of those tumultuous years. And that's just a hint of what to expect in this riveting beautifully written memoir."

--Adrienne Cohen
Public Relations
Cohen Advertising
Atlanta, GA

"After 40 plus years of friendship with George Friendlander, I can hardly wait to read the entire biography of such a great teacher and the only true intellect that I have met in my entire academic life. It will be quite an adventure to read about the man I thought I knew but maybe didn't."

--Warren Weingrad
President of W&W Audio
Atlanta, GA

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